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Ch. 16.3-Nov2013

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06:00PM Vocations Christ in the City Christ in the City Christ in the City Christ in the City Christ in the City Catholic Courses: Dante's Purgatory
06:30Pm Faith and Science: Dr. Theresa Deisher G.K. Chesterton G.K. Chesterton G.K. Chesterton G.K. Chesterton G.K. Chesterton
07:00 PM Christology (Michael Dauphinais) (International Catholic University) With God In Russia (Fr. Walter Cizek) St. Francis Cabrini Bishop Sheen: Life is Worth Living Living the Liturgy: Clear Creek Monastery Friday Night Family Film Classic Instructional Flims
07:30 PM Catholic Parents OnLine Life Unexpected St. Stories by Mary's Dowry Productions
08:00 PM Catholic Morality and the Catechism (Msgr. Smith) Why Catholics Can't Sing (Fr. Baker and Fr. Rutler) DeChristianization and the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Raymond De Souza) Moral Theology: Biblical Foundations (ICU) Seven Threats Against the Culture of Life (Catholic Courses) Scott Gaylord Saturday Night Cinema
08:30 PM Becoming Catholic Scribe's Corner: Therese McCann with Dale Ahlquist
09:00 PM Catholic Courses: Unveiling the Apocalypse         (Fr. Alfred McBride) Saul Alinsky and The Catholic Campaign for Human Develolpment (Michael Voris)      The One           True Faith:     (Michael Voris) St. Michael's Basic Training: Biblical Context      The One           True Faith:     (Michael Voris)
10:00 PM My Vocation to the Priesthood The Many Faces of Mary Fr. John A, Hardon: Heaven Rediscover Faith (Archdiocese Speaker Series) Catholic Underground Catholic Courses: The Four Last Things
10:30PM The Joy of Music The Miraculous Medal    Personhood USA: Pro-Life Unity Meeting
11:00 PM This is Our Faith with Fr. Rutler The Pope as Arbiter of Natural Law:     Dr. Charles Rice Fr. Groeschel: Psychological Growth and Spiritual Dev. My Vocation to the Priesthood
11:30 PM The Story of The Grotto of the Redemption Vocations Meditation on All Saints Day (Fr. Groeschel) Meditation on All Souls Day (Fr. Groeschel)

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