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St. Michael Broadcasting [formerly Catholic Views Broadcasts, Inc.], Channel 14 UHF TV, is the only FCC licensed Catholic television broadcast station in the state of Minnesota.  Our sole purpose is to serve as an evangelization tool for the Roman Catholic Church in order to be an influential, educational and moral voice in our society.


Image of St. Michael the Archangel       We rely upon Donations from you.  Thank you!               SMB New Logo thumb 11162 13a

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   St.Michael Broadcasting is "not for profit", 100% volunteer

Channel 14 TV is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and depends entirely on donations. A unique feature of the station is that it is operated and managed exclusively by volunteers. Since there are no paid staff members, 100% of all donations received go directly toward station operations. All donations are tax deductible.

Note: St. Michael Broadcasting and EWTN are not the same entity.  St. Michael Broadcasting rebroadcasts EWTN’s signal.  We will add more Catholic programming to our sub-channels over the coming year.  We need the support of our viewers to continue, and to continue to improve, this service.

Viewer services:

  • Studio tours for groups or individuals,
  • Speakers for on-site presentations to local schools, parishes or church related organizations,
  • Free monthly newsletter
  • Broadcast advertising for church related events.

Ongoing monthly support is needed for various needs to support our mission...

  • IDS Tower monthly rent
  • Studio rent
  • Producing local TV programs
  • Purchasing & maintaining broadcast TV equipment
  • Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Administrative costs


We rely upon Donations from you.  Thank you!


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