SMB Ch. 16.2 Rebroadcast of EWTN


For a printed version of the TV shows for Channel 16.2, 16.4 and 16.5, browse to this link: Program Guide for SMB Catholic Broadcast TV Ch. 16, download this document and look at page 3 of this program guide / newsletter for a generic schedule grid for Ch. 16.2.

As suits your own needs, print the schedule on your own printer.

Alternatively, browse to the following link on the EWTN web site: Direct links to EWTN TV schedule at the EWTN web site. 

Then, browse to view the EWTN TV shows on the date and at the time that you desire to watch. These shows are rebroadcast on each of these channels: Ch. 16.2, Ch. 16.4, and Ch. 16.5.


Also, check  out the TV specials from EWTN: EWTN Special TV Shows .

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